1. Chalom (Capture the Dream)

Sarah Cohen

In times of distress,
I don’t know where I’m going
Someone please pick me up and set my dreams straight

I’ve been searching for a while,
But the image is unclear,
The way to go or what to do just isn’t there

Chalom shechalamti tov hee
As I awaken…
Esbeah bihakitz timunasecha
Picture Hashem standing right beside me

Now that the picture is clear, step back,
And take a look at your dreams being fulfilled
I’ve come so far from where I’ve begun,
From where I’ve begun…

Now through hard times, I will think of blue skies
Snap a picture of them and keep it close to my heart

Chalom shechalamti…

2. Spread Your Love

Naomi Less

Spread your wings and cover this bounty
Spread your wings right across the sea
Spread your wings in a soft canopy just
Spread your love over me
Spread your love over me

When I fear all the noises coming out in the night
(spread your love over me)
When I run from the shadows of my inner divine
(spread your love over me)
When my soul feels trapped in a small dark space
(spread your love over me)
When my mind starts a spinnin’ and I wanna erase
(spread your love over me)

When a darkness drapes right over my life
(spread your love over me)
And I wanna find the strength just to run and hide
(spread your love over me)
So I ask oh please keep the Satan away
(spread your love over me)
In the shadow of your wings all that I can do is pray
(spread your love over me)

Oh lay me down oh no I’m falling
Rest my eyes from all that I see
My mind’s uprooted it’s thrown from the center
Spread a blanket over me

When my world seems to plunge in a downward dive
(spread your love over me)
When embarking on a search for why I’m alive
(spread your love over me)
When the existential questions begin to drown
(spread your love over me)
And I yearn for the centerpiece to come around
(spread your love over me)

3. Refaenu (Heal Us)

Rebecca Fishman

Refaenu venerafei,
Hoshienu venivasheia,
Ki tehilatenu Ata…

Shema koleinu
Chus verachem aleinu
Ki Ata shomaya tefila

Heal us -- then we will be healed;
Save us -- then we will be saved,
For You are our praise…

Hear our voice, Hashem, our G-d,
Pity and be compassionate to us.
For You hear the prayer.

(Traditional liturgy)

4. Aidel at Heart

Leslie Ginsparg

I’ll never be like all the other girls
No matter how hard I try
I’m destined for a different life
And it’s not hard to see why

I’m matrimonially impaired
Have no babies in the cradle
And it seems life would be perfect
If only I were aidel

But you’ll never see me with my hair, half up in a barrette
And once or twice in college I might have smoked a cigarette

I’m not an OT or a PT, is that really such a sin?
’Cause I still think that I would make a really great rebbetzin

I’m not trying to be complex. Not trying to be elusive
Who ever said cool, funky and frum were mutually exclusive?
So what if I know I’m sharp? Not afraid to show that I’m smart
I love me the way I am and I know I’m aidel at heart
I won’t change myself for anyone, I refuse to play the part
I love me the way that I am and I know I’m aidel at heart

I hold people’s babies… sometimes
And I pull out my pink sweater-set… once in a while
And I wear pleated skirts… never

My shirt’s too bright, out late at night
Know how to fight, and I’m always right

I play Texas Hold ’em more than I play dreidel
I know I’ve got another side, does that mean that I’m not aidel?

All my high school friends treat me like I’m some kind of rogue
’Cause I love to read cosmo and I always dress in vogue

So maybe I flirt a little bit, is that such a vice?
And instead of going back to summer camp, I backpacked Europe… twice

I don’t have the right extracurricular activity
’Cause I’d rather learn up a Rashi then join the chesed committee

I may know more about the Beatles, than I do ’bout MBD
But I don’t stick you in a box, so please don’t you try to peg me

I’m not trying to be complex…

5. Figure It Out


6. Whirling

Jane Babits
(words and music by Jane Babits, copyright 1998)

Whirling all around
Whirling my feet won’t touch the ground
Whirling upside down
Looking for my home

My life goes up
my life goes down
It’s a merry-go-round carousel
Someday I’ll settle down
And I’ll have
Plenty of stories to tell


The highest view is grand
The ride down is fast
That roller coaster feeling
When I panic
And my life goes past


Someday I do believe
My world will be complete
Living on a houseboat
Rocking to a steady beat

Whirling all around
Whirling my feet will touch the ground
Whirling upside down
Looking for my home
Trying to find
My home

7. Niggun Neshama/Yerushalayim Harim Saviv La

Dahlia Topolosky and Jenny Sassoon

Yerushalayim harim saviv la,
v’Hashem saviv le’amo meata v’ad olam.
(Tehillim - 125:2)

8. Suddenly Single

Rebecca Kohl

Never was I married since the day that I was born.
Never thought it strange, never felt forlorn.
But something must have happened when I turned twenty-two —
They suddenly told me I was single.

I found it kind of odd to be told I was alone,
Especially from the ones with whom I’d always had a home.
If you want to turn my room into an empty-nesting space,
Just go ahead and do it now; I’ve got my own place.

And every single smile on every single face is either
Pity or confusion at my wanting to embrace
That while I sleep alone I’m living my dreams,
Out there discovering every single me.

Be sure to paint your lips, they tell me, grow and curl your hair.
Cover up that zit, you never know who will be there.
This one has a nephew I’m sure that you will love.
He’s a world-class accountant — the match was made above.

You know another day is over when you’re reaching for the pint.
For some it’s Budweiser, for me it’s Cookie Dough Light.
Close my eyes, the sweetness will fill the hole for now.
Ben & Jerry are the only guys who seem to stick around.

And every single smile…

Have we found another way to go?
I’ve J-dated the Frumsters all at Sinai long ago.
How long can we date without pickin’ up the phone?
Have we Ended the Madness, or created one all our own?

And every single smile…

9. Jewish Mother Blues


10. Darbuka Drumbeats

Adena Firstman and Rachel Leia Weinberger

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